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How To Hide Mandatory Fields in NetSuite Crew

How to Hide Mandatory Fields from Displaying On Transactions

For whatever business reason, your company doesn’t want to display some mandatory fields to certain personnel on the transactions. As an administrator, you would think of creating a custom transaction form to restrict access to transaction information. However, the mandatory fields are un-checkable (cannot hide). What should you do? Using Purchase order as an example, fields like Item, amount, tax code, tax rate and gross amounts are mandatory, and you cannot simply uncheck them.

Screenshot 1 of how-to Hide Mandatory Fields in NetSuite














Form edit mode: mandatory fields are dim and checkboxes cannot be unchecked.

Screenshot 2 of how-to hide mandatory fields in NetSuite













To hide the field on a particular transaction form, i.e. Amount, you can just empty the label of the field and save the form.

Screenshot 3 of how-to hide mandatory fields in NetSuite












Once the field label is removed, the field will no longer display on the transaction form, and it will not be printed as well.

Screenshot 4 of how-to hide mandatory fields in NetSuite














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