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Netsuite Implementation

Finding the right approach and partner to help your organization implement NetSuite … What matters most?

There are several different approaches or methodologies used to implement systems.  Most would share the same concepts, but may be organized or executed in different ways.

What is unique about implementing NetSuite is that you might be implementing CRM, ERP, and eCommerce, or perhaps two out of three of these areas.  Breaking down these areas, yet converging the design and business processes to be efficient is the key differentiator in a NetSuite implementation.

Being associated with NetSuite as a Solution Provider since 2005 gives us a tremendous advantage in bringing value to your organization in an implementation project.  We understand how to organize the project and work with your team to accomplish an efficient design and deployment of NetSuite.  Furthermore, at NXTurn we have in-house  expertise across all the areas of NetSuite that may be a part of the implementation.

We welcome the opportunity to talk with your organization in regards to either evaluating or implementing NetSuite.

NetSuite ERP Implementation Process:

NetSuite Implementation

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