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NetSuite Commerce Agency

As an authorized Oracle NetSuite Commerce Partner, we provide customers with services that leverage the NetSuite solution and have proven skills in SuiteCommerce Advanced design, development and implementation services.

NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce Advanced provides businesses with fast and engaging web stores that deliver great shopping experiences optimized for any device. Plus, SuiteCommerce unifies ecommerce with your core operational business systems—inventory and order management, marketing, customer support and financials—providing a single view of your customers and business.

If you need a partner to help you move to Netsuite from your current system or are looking to implement any of the NetSuite modules, look no further. NXTurn has the knowledge and experience needed to implement and customize the NetSuite platform. Contact us by phone or email to discuss your business needs.

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NetSuite Featured Ecommerce Extentions

Responsive NetSuite Website

Responsive website development to provide optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices. The site is developed so that the code/layout automatically adjusts based on the user’s device. This means that users can shop and checkout using their phone, iPad or computer.

Shopping Cart Preview

Give your customers the ability to preview items in their shopping cart. Simply hovering the mouse over the cart will allow them to see details such as image, price, description, and quantity of each item without having to abandon where they are and go to the shopping cart page. This provides a better end user experience for your clients and encourages them to continue browsing/shopping.

Abandoned Cart Follow Up

Recover your abandoned sales with our abandoned cart follow up module. Setup and configuration is easy!

Store/Dealer Locator

Our solution uses Google Maps and enables your customers to easily find your locations or stores where your products are sold based on zip code. This information can be pulled from specified records in NetSuite.

Wish List

Helping your customers keep track of exactly what they want from your store has never been easier! Our readily accessible wish list can catalog hundreds of desired items. It enables customers to keep the items organized and transfer what they want to purchase directly to the shopping cart from their wish list screen.

Back in stock notification

This NetSuite app allows users to be notified by an automatic email when an item is back in stock

Multiple Add To Cart

Make shopping faster and easier for your customers by enabling them to add multiple items to their cart from a single page.

Recently Viewed Items

Improve navigability (and thus your end user’s experience) by allowing your website visitors to see the last products they viewed from the item detail screen. It facilitates browsing (as your customer doesn’t have to remember where they last were) and results in a higher buyer conversion rate.

Multiple Product Images

Dynamically display multiple images for a single product, with the main display updating with either a click or by simply hovering over the desired image. This is controlled from the NetSuite item record.

Google Analytics Integration ( + Ecommerce Tracking)

This add-on is an integration between Google Analytics and your NetSuite web store which includes GA goal set up and eCommerce tracking. Gives you the ability to see your eCommerce conversion rates, transactions, revenue, and where your customers are coming from. If you are using AdWords pay-per-click, it will display the success/effectiveness of your campaigns.

Promotional Banners

An advanced jQuery Banner is an ideal marketing tool as it can quickly capture the attention of your visitors in a compelling yet subtle way. It helps you highlight and promote a product, sale or service by bringing focus to the desired area/offer without overshadowing other parts of the page or site.

Tab Content Functionality

Facilitates access to and display of information within the
page of any given product. Additional details related to the product can be quickly obtained by clicking on a tab which automatically displays the information contained therein. This add-on allows you to display large quantities of information in a logical fashion, giving customers all the data they need about your product without clogging up the page with too much text.

Product Reviews

Our content creation and moderation solution is fully integrated with NetSuite and uses your existing NetSuite templates to turn browsers into buyers.


What Clients Say

"Our website is fairly complicated with a lot going on and we had many pain points with our first implementation of NetSuite. NXTurn’s knowledge of NetSuite enabled us to understand what was possible, how we could make it better and more efficient, and how to succeed overall with the platform.

NXTurn took what were our very complex designs and able to create what we wanted on the NetSuite platform. We are continuing to work with them to refine this further. NXTurn is extremely knowledgeable and they did a really good job at providing updates and keeping us in the loop throughout the project.

Our main goals for the website were for it to be responsive, fast, and efficient for our B2B and B2C users and NXTurn was able to achieve this for us."
Justin Wood - E-Commerce and Digital Media Coordinator -
"NXTurn has been an excellent NetSuite development resource for our company. Their "can do" attitude about NetSuite customizaton requests large or small has been refreshing to say the least. In my opinion NXTurn is not just another vendor, they are a part of our Tacoma Screw Products team working to enhance our Ecommerce site, providing a world class shopping experience for our customers."
Gary Myers - IT Manager -
Tacoma Screw Products, Inc

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