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1. A Single application to run your entire business

  • No more “point” solutions and resulting need to develop and maintain multiple system integrations. NetSuite encompasses integrated business processes across customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and website and eCommerce presence.

2. Flexibility and avoiding “Upgrade Lock”

  • Customization can be done without a technical resource, and more importantly customizations can be maintained during new version releases with little to no effort. NetSuite rolls out upgrades to customers as a part of the subscription fees. This keeps you current and allows you to take advantage of new enhancements without all the pain associated with expensive on-premise system upgrades.

3. Simplification

  • As a web-native, on-demand application there is no need to deal with implementing different technologies or platform layers to roll out the application to employee, customer, partner, and vendor roles as appropriate.

4. Cost Effectiveness

  • No additional hardware, no additional software licenses, lower up-front cost and total cost of ownership (TCO) over the long-term. Administration of system does not require an IT professional.

5. Speed of Implementation

  • Your NetSuite account can be provisioned and implementation can begin in less then a week vs. traditional on-premise solutions which could potentially take one month or more to have necessary elements in place.

6. Process Automation

  • Business processes are integrated across NetSuite allowing for faster and more accurate data flow.

7. Disaster Recovery

  • Accessible from any internet connection, your business can continue to operate from just about any location.

8. Visibility

  • Real-time customizable dashboards that show you the health of the business, provide alerts as well as other reminders for action.

9. Core Competency Focus & Reliability

  • Managing your mission critical application environment is better left to people that do it for over 8,000 customers. NetSuite guarantees a 99.5% or greater up time level.

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